Faith and hopelessness

Christianity is for the weak
It is for those who always fail
There is hope for the hopeless,
But there is nothing for the strong

Christ came for the sick, and not the healthy
Salvation is only for those dead in sin
It is about a miracle
But only for those who need one

Are their healthy people in the world?
Are there some people who do not fail?
Could there be anyone who hopes in himself?
Is there any who do not need recreation?

Faith is about recreation
A new identity, wiping away the past
Being saint’s though we remember being sinners
Filled with joy, even while remembering despair

Why do we recall the former life
How long will the memories plague us?
What does it take to accept resurrection?
When does hope conquer despair?

Life seems to be about experiencing miracles
How long before we believe them?

When looking at my ‘hits’, I see that my most read posts are my sermons. Currently my speaking schedule is empty, and I find myself missing sermons.

Some time ago, I started what I hoped would be a series of sermons — as I have no plans to deliver them as sermons, I think I will adjust them into blog posts. Next is Ephesians 2:1-10. This poem touches on some of the sermon content. Will post a mini-sermon next.


One comment on “Faith and hopelessness

  1. jingle says:

    faith is personal,
    if you choose to believe,
    then you hold on your faith
    and live for it…

    beautiful poem
    dynamic emotions.

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