Why does hope seem fragile?
Why do we rest our hope on such narrow things?
Risking all that tomorrow will be like yesterday
Treating the temporary as solidly as the rising sun

Sometimes there is heartbreak
Sometimes people prove themselves unworthy
Sometimes the number do indeed lie
And the hope we once had seems to dissolve

How can we face tomorrow when we could not face yesterday?
Last week all was secure, yesterday, nothing was
Can the human heart face adversity?
Can we die of worry?

Why is it that worry accumulates?
Even when the belly is full, worry continues
Trust placed in things never is good enough,
There is never enough for security

Perhaps we are so very fragile
Life without worry may be impossible
Yet there is one thing proved though many failures:
What is broken can be reforged


One comment on “fragile

  1. sparrowsong says:

    I like the pondering mood of this piece.

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