Is there still such a thing as a holiday?
Does anyone consider one day more holy than another?
Have not all days become secular?
For there is not a day or time filled with the secular?

The mind remembers a call to make the secular sacred
To make every day holy in its own way
Has the reverse instead become true?
That everyday is made profane, in its own way?

What makes a day holy or secular?
Is there a way man can sanctify a day
Is there a way that a man can profane the Lord’s day?
Can a person posses something so great as a day?

Men who briefly touch moments
Fellow travelers on a journey
Does the traveler own the whole road?
Or does his feet just touch points on the path?

When a man leaves the road, does his curse go with him?
For the road remains even after it is crossed
Does the traveler change the nature of the road?
Perhaps this is the province of the builder

The Builder saw all he made, and it was good
The day touched by the divine is a holy day


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