Careless age

Have we entered a careless age?
So modern and so very comfortable
Neither guild nor neighbor offering care
Leaving so many to starve

We remember an era of knights and lords
Filled with peasantry living simply
A time we know mostly by romances
Yet it is the simpler time

A population one bad harvest from ruin
Half a lifetime devoted to ‘making one’s fortune’
Journeymen needing to travel to prove their worth
A day when the young were unsettled by necessity

Yet a population where sympathy was necessary
Would the guild not help out a struggling member?
Why else do members pay their dues?
It was a time when no-one would say “let them eat cake”

Today one asks what is necessary to see suffering
It seems that the masses are not wealthy enough to earn pity
Has suffering become the privilege of the elite?
Can a person fail without earning a curse?

Perhaps if the Earth itself opens, eyes will open
Seeing that there are people with needs
Yet, we also see we are ill prepared
Our neighbor died before we mount the attempt


2 comments on “Careless age

  1. LAR_Northman says:

    I have notced that it is only weathy societies that do a way with the nicies of careing for ones neighbors, the guest, the stranger within ones gate. People in poor societies can’t afford not to take care of the unfortunate, because they will almost certainty need charity at least once in their life

  2. pttyann says:

    Really good and so true,we must do better for we are so ill prepared.

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