Reading the paper

The eyes cannot believe what they see
Could we have become so very insane?
The local paper begins to resemble the onion
Though laughter could be good for the soul

Seems someone noticed more babies this week
Nine months ago, there was a blizzard
The statistics make front page news
“Kansas couples must be trapped together to find time for sex”

So many strange turns
Two sides, each with their own facts
Could the same survey produce two results?
Are facts invented, or found and assembled on demand?

Is life and death in the hands of a committee?
Will everything fall apart, or stay together?
Are we filled with hope, or are we hopeless?
Is life nothing but a race against time?

The eye catches this truth
Already, for so many its too late
Though more than enough people dropped everything
Even private jets were not enough

Why is it that in spite of our best efforts we accomplish nothing?
Yet when we are discouraged, there is so much good we can do?
Today, there is nothing left but to bury the dead…
but in the spring, we can start to rebuild


3 comments on “Reading the paper

  1. kseverny says:

    These words apply to so many mental pictures.
    it is awesome

  2. LAR_Northman says:

    So what new articles prompted this poam?
    Some I can guess, hutch news noticing that blizzards cause baby booms, I don’t know why that made the front page, but some of the others are more obscure.

    • Haiti Earthquake, Political rhetoric about health care reform, debate on the economy, and whether or not it is getting better… and the general attitude of answering facts with “well that’s your opinion.”

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