Religious rant

Listening to the radio while napping
Feeling the effects of a tired body
Sore from battling the illness
Unable to rest, even through sleep

Words fill the mind
Seems that there was death and more death

Disaster beyond what the mind can cognate
So many tears concentrated in such a small place

Voices calling out in fear
Wavering while saying the shaking has not stopped
After events coming one after another
So many captured in this critical moment

Death comes to each man
But here and now, death is busy
So many ending their lives in terror
Finding that Death offers their only release

The radio keeps talking
Seems that a man thinks he should speak for God
Cursing these people,
Calling the disaster their own fault!

Jesus was surrounded by those who lived in disaster
People who the world knew were cursed
Their poverty and illness held as evidence against them
Yet Jesus said: “neither he, nor his parents sinned”

Should we consider God’s servant Job?
Faithful in all things,
Yet brought from wealth to destitution
Only messengers of bad news left for companions

Who would be so heartless as speak blame, against Christ?
Calling on disaster as just punishment?
What is the responsibilities of us, called to bear one another’s burden’s?
So many are hungry, are we truly to feed them?

Did not Christ promise disaster to his followers?
Death, poverty, and great suffering?
How would a man discern suffering from punishment?
Could every one of the Apostles been cursed?

The brain cooks the heart boils
Until the body returns to sleep


3 comments on “Religious rant

  1. LAR_Northman says:

    Didn’t he say this same thing awhile back when Haiti got hit by several hurricanes? If so he really needs to get new material.

  2. pttyann says:

    For sure! Great post,Gos is good and his Mercy endures forever plus God delights in showing us his Mercy.And I am grateful!

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