Discerning God’s Voice

Back in August, I wrote an essay for a small magazine as a free lance exercise. Unfortunately, this one was not published. As I have not heard from my editor on this essay, at this point I assume that it is mine to share with my readers. If any are interested this is some advice concerning Friend’s meetings for worship.

An abstract would be that I am concerned that the more “evangelical” branch of Friends are failing our members through too few voices holding too much authority. We are also failing these leaders by separating them from the faith community. (a pedestal is a lonely place if you are not a statue), and suffering by taking spiritual direction from pastors who do not have the luxury of “going to church. I further suggest that if leaders are not held accountable, they can lead the group into disaster.


One comment on “Discerning God’s Voice

  1. You are right on, here. We all need accountability. The reason we see so many fallen leaders in the Christian community, is because they do not have any accountability. Just because a person has been chosen to lead a ministry does not mean they can do it without accountability to someone. In the early church, all the leaders (the apostles) were accountable to one another.
    We have also moved away from the divine model of church government God laid out for His church. Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers are still active and should be involved in church government as a team. God never intended for one person to have complete authority in His church, but we see this time and again in the modern church system. We also see church boards full of well-meaning individuals that do not have the calling or the grace to operate in the five-fold ministry. We need to return to the early model of the church, and take ownership of God’s vision for His modern day body!

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