Writing again

How do you communicate ideas and ideals?
So often facts are communicated as passion
Numbers are treated as only opinion
People seek to be told what they already know

How does a man write in a way that will be read?
Some suggest that reading is an old exercise
Can a man bring reasonable men to hear his argument?
Do we now live in a world where people only listen to themselves?

They speak of an age of information
The desired quote can be found in a moment
What is there for the devoted reader?
Who has times to read authors?

The writers fingers dance
The writer struggles with his mind
Attempting to draw out arguments
attempting to convince his opponents

How does a man influence a world that yells too loud to hear?
Could soft words and a light joke send a message?
Perhaps ideas can spread once again
Perhaps there is hope for the future


2 comments on “Writing again

  1. In a world where people yell at me from television to try and sell me a car, I have to read and write to keep my sanity. Your soft words have a fine touch. I pray folks who long for a more decent world will continue to write. Not all will read or listen, but we have to hope some will.

    Dr. B


  2. @Dr. B. Thank you for your complement, I just (12-03) submitted a free-lance article for a small Denominational magazine, and my first drafts were a little caustic, so I had to tone it down until reasonable people could see ideas instead of ranting.

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