Feast of Stephen

What is the romance of dying
Holding faith more dear than life itself
Knowing there is something bigger
Feeling the smallness of a single man

How was it that the martyrs won?
Accepting death with joy
Offering no resistance to evil
And, it would seem losing every battle

For ages the tradition continues
Every single battle a loss
Yet, death after death scores a victory
The enemy losing the will to continue in hatred

Could Lincoln have been right?
The one who is known more for war than peace
Making a friend destroys the enemy
Though, treating enemies as friends is a dangerous strategy

The best and brightest become remembered for courage
Ideas are replaced with passion
Is more gained than is lost?
Does the blood of martyrs water the church?

Steven dies, preaching and praying
Saul hears dedicated to more death
Steven dies, Paul is convinced of Christ’s truth
It seems that there are always new people

Will things remain as they are forever?
Will peace continue to conquer through death?
Do people still have the power of faith
Knowing there is something beyond themselves

The heart of the church honors the sacrifice of Steven
Accepting what came with faith in his God
Faith has never died
Always surviving those who died for its cause


One comment on “Feast of Stephen

  1. opoetoo says:

    Does the blood of martyrs water the church?

    good image.
    really enjoyed this.

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