Christmas and the ecconomy


Is it still Christmas when people worry?
When a gift feels like too much
Counting pennies praying for food
Hoping to avoid such obligation

Wondering if there will be work in January
Will the company survive the next quarter?
Is this a vacation, or a layoff?
Some years there is nothing but worry

How does a man hope in desperation?
Knowing that tomorrow is uncertain
There is the dream of safety
Yet, money can dissolve into nothing

Perhaps the heart can seek hope elsewhere
Love and friendship being more reliable
Perhaps the heart can put faith in God
For it is the celebration of the incarnation

Is Christmas even about gifts?
When did people start giving gifts on such a day?
Has the material replaced the focus on the truth?
Do we sing “joy to the world” forgetting the reason for our joy?

In the end has Christmas become like an empty box?
Decorated and wrapped to look pretty under the tree?
Have people decided that there can be no Christmas?
Has it become nothing but playing dress up?

The children’s shows are wrong!
Or perhaps all but one
Christmas will come with or without our Help
The Light has come to enlighten all men

On Christmas day the angels prayed within the earshot of men
Letting us hear that they indeed pray for us
Calling out to God
“Bring peace on Earth to men”

On Christmas Day Christ made human flesh holy
Proving it a worthy form for the Divine
On Christmas day man’s hope was born
We would learn to see everything in His Light

This Christmas, I hope everyone peace and Joy. May everyone remember the cause of the day, and not trade real Christmas for an illusion. Gifts can fail, but hope and love must remain. The Incarnation is central to Christianity… it is the Christian’s hope of salvation — though theologians debate the exactly how, and here is not the place to get into the debate.

For those who read children’s books — I highly recommend Patrick McDonnell’s Gift of Nothing. I think it is unfair to call this picture book a “children’s book”, as it teaches a rather wise and abstract lesson in a way that even an adult can see. You see — maybe Dilbert, Wally, Alice, and our whole culture has Christmas all wrong. Perhaps Mooch’s empty box and a real gift of friendship to Earl better represents what we SHOULD seek year round and not only at Christmas.


2 comments on “Christmas and the ecconomy

  1. brilliant comic this is

    have a wonderful and happy holy days and creative joyous year

    • I wish I had the talent to draw comics — and I agree that Scot Adams is brilliant. As he is nationally syndicated, it seems the rest of the world does as well.

      Adams (or was it the syndication) has been kind enough to put Dilbert online at (meaning I can read Dilbert even on days I do not touch my newspaper.)

      By the way — I am not serving the comic image — only telling where it is on the official site. I have no intention of serving copyrighted material, claiming it as my own. (to the reader, of course, there is little difference as browsers are able to assemble a page from multiple sources.) Of course, this means that the comic will vanish whenever the owners of choose to stop serving it.

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