To whom it may concern

Political letter follows

To whom it may concern:

I understand that there is much debate about requiring every American to purchase health insurance, much as we require drivers to purchase liability insurance. I understand that there are concerns about the US Health coverage, but criminalizing poverty will not solve the problem. The issue that the working poor cannot afford coverage will not change by requiring them to buy it on their own. The issue is made even more difficult when it seems that the insurance companies do not wish to sell insurance to the working class.

The rhetoric has been quite insulting to those who sacrifice and worry. Those who create the wealth enjoyed by the middle class have been called unpleasant names such as freeloaders, even though they count pennies and hope they can pay the rent, eat, and maintain what they need to continue working while their work profits those who have no such worries. Unfortunately, requiring a person who worries about having enough money to pay bills to pay a very large new bill will not create the ability to do so. Criminalizing poverty will not end poverty any more than anti-vagrancy laws end homelessness. The truth is, homeless people did not choose their condition. Poor people do not choose poverty. Fining the poor for the crime of being poor will not win the war on poverty or increase health coverage. Fining those with health issues who cannot buy insurance also will not solve the issue of health care.

The foxes have been in the hen house for ages. The requirement that all who live in the US buy health insurance FROM the insurance companies who created the byzantine system we now endure is stating that each hen must feed the foxes. It also leaves the involuntarily uninsured asking: “Must I emigrate in order to comply with the laws of my country.”

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