What if

What if the world were changed?
What if there were no freedoms?
A man would seek his neighbors ruin
Every one fearing those around him?

A people knowing only a world of blame
Accusation enough to end a life
Taboos enforced by death
Rumors bringing ruination

Can we feel the pain of the hot iron?
Can we feel the noose closing tightly?
Can we hear the crowds yelling for death
Condemned when accused

A man condemned for not condemning his neighbor
Expected to cry out against him
Silence treated as acceptance
A society that demands it citizens call out for blood

What if the next day the mob could come for you
Guilt or innocence not important
Only that God wills the guilty are punished
Better to slay the innocent than to let the guilty survive

What if we lived in a world of persecution?
Would empathy and politeness survive?
Would people protect or betray one another?
Would the radio claim that God wills it?

The heart wonders at the best and worst of humankind
Seeing both, the heart asks: “What if”


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