Listening to the news alone in a warm bed

The time of quiet fills the mind
Time for reading and writing
Finding words for vague feelings
Asking about the difference between right and wrong

Has the whole world gone mad?
Has the goal of life become fraud?
Have we lost all faith?
The eyes see no evidence of goodness

Or perhaps they eyes are turned to the wrong place
Perhaps the ears spend too much time hearing
The negative has began to drive sales
There is an image that the world is hell

The morning was spent with the news
The heart knows that good news is forgotten
Perhaps it is not quiet with such noise
Yet it is tolerated due to fear of isolation

The heart asks again the nature of men
So many would give another their own meal
There are so many words damning us
Yet, there is evidence of the divine

The heart hears poetry written out of love
The eyes see order in the artificial word
A visit to the library results in finding
For the book was written, and categorized

So much work has gone into benefiting all
For what poet profits by writing?
Is common ownership better than personal ownership?
Do not public libraries prove generous hearts?

Perhaps the eyes do see good in the world
Perhaps it is the ears that fail to hear
Focus is the only difference between hope and despair
Through the correct perspective, there is enough hope


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