Public service anouncement

If any one has not already guessed, I am working with the Red-Kettle campaign with the Salvation Army. They have an internet kettle here for any who want to donate that way. My guess is that this remains year round.

I am aware that not everyone supports the work of the Salvation Army, and I understand people’s reasons. There have been some misrepresentations of the group…but the truth is, they are pretty straight forward and honest about who they are and what they do. I will put it in rather simple terms — they are, before anything else, Wesleyans. They broke from the Methodist church, because the Booth felt called to evangelize to drunks, and the social outcasts… The Methodists did not support his calling — so he personally started a special mission to the desperate which became the Salvation Army. To this end, they run many social services… they feed the poor, they help people pay their rent, they bring food to people working at disasters. Here, they teach classes on budgeting (a desperate need if you only have enough), and they hire employees — as the logistics of moving food, and clothes, or even cash is almost incredible. They also invite people to their Sunday services… If you feel that faith should be divorced from acts of Kindness, this organization is not for you. I firmly believe a person should not give because people see him, but because he believes in the cause. There are other good causes… (Conversely, as they do not hide what they are, there is no cause for anger if you support them and disagree with their methods).

Personally, I support this organization. I have worked with them in their camping ministry, I have helped move a cooperate donation (logistics), and I have even been invited to a corp as pulpit supply. I have no plans on becoming an officer, or even joining as a ‘member’ (I am not a Wesleyan… and, I am not eager submit to someone else’s theology.), but I do look forward to working more with them in the future.

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