The frigid wind brings a chill to the bones
Though walls block the wind
Though layers of wool cover the body
Even a warm bed cannot hide the cold

Ice has accumulated upon the windows
Though the radiators are hot, the room appears cold
Perhaps the ice fills the dreams,
Perhaps it is dread for the day

The mind is filled with memory
The mind is filled with dread
The body will suffer the cold throughout the day
No relief until after the warmth of the sun is stolen away

Wearing so many layers of clothing
Warmth collected from many times and places
Selected from China
Others selected from decades past

Can there be enough?
Perhaps, as the outer windows took the frost
Many inner windows remained clear
Perhaps there is protection from the cold

The body is growing warm as the layers pile on
Dressing has become quite an ordeal
Freezing is worse than immobility
And it is possible to wear many layers

The day will end well —
For there have been such days before


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