Feverish dreams

The eyes see little but dreams
Decay goes unnoticed
Closed eyes seeing dreams
A pocket of warmth surrounded by coldness

The sun passes through the day
The pain begins to pass as well
Breakfast anticipates the sunset
Tomorrow will be a better day

Some days, dreaming is all that is required
Without dreams, there is nothing to do
The eyes make inventory of possessions
If they are unknown, they have no place

The mind is filled with warmth and gratefulness
Truly warmth is a gift as the sun stays low
Whether the warmth of wool or fire
Survival in such a day is a gift

The heart is grateful for breakfast
Finishing the remains of the garden
The stomach rejects the small meal
At times, illness prevails

The eyes are starting to open
Slowly items are removed from the list
Perhaps success will become an option
Perhaps a man can become better

The head aches as one small dream is realized
Today the body is weak, and sleep is needed


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