Seems such an ancient custom
Counting blessings and giving thanks
A full stomach and a warm bed
The eyes see that all could be worse

Perhaps today people expect luxury
Expecting to own all the eyes see
Perhaps greed has conquered thanksgiving
Then again perhaps not

Thanksgiving seems ancient
We remember the Puritans
We remember the people of Jamestown
Yet thanksgiving is not unique

Is Thanksgiving but once a year?
Unique to one time and place?
Is there thanksgiving without turkey?
Is turkey without gratitude still Thanksgiving?

Truly Thanksgiving is common
Millions celebrate weekly
Trying to live out Thanksgiving
For in Greek, thanksgiving is Eucharist

Back in, I believe 1999, I heard a rather interesting sermon at St. Mary’s Orthodox Church. St. Mary’s is a historically Arab congratulation, and a fun group to visit. One Sunday, the Bishop Basil was visiting and shared a homily that I still remember well. He spoke of the importance of having a Eucharistic spirit, and of signs that a Christian was living in the Eucharistic spirit. It was a rather memorable sermon — and he finished it off by translating the word Eucharist (gratefulness) into the English word “Thanksgiving”. Since then, I have thought of living sacramental life as I have not considered it before. Perhaps we should live in this Eucharistic spirit.

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