Sonnet 3

Look in thy glass and know the face thou viewest
Now in time that face might form another;
Whose unknown visage thou not renewest,
Thou who blesses the world and thine mother.
For she bore one so fair within her womb
Disdains not the work of her husbandry.
Or thou might bring her to enter her tomb,
For self-love can destroy posterity.
Thou art thy mother’s glass and she in thee
Calls back the lovely April of her prime;
So thou does, but it’s she that people see,
Despite thy thoughts, no one enters his time.
But when thou be, remember who to be,
By your lovely heart, hers shall lives through thee.

Original with commentary


2 comments on “Sonnet 3

  1. Edwin says:

    This is an interesting interpretation of sonnet 3. Who is the poet?

    • William Shakespeare is the poet, Michael David Jay created the parody. I’m glad you enjoyed… though interpretation is not quite the right word, as I am trying to say something different.

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