New series

Every one of my sonnets have followed the form of William Shakespeare. I realize that there have been other forms, and the Italian form predated the great bard, however he has been an influence on my thoughts and my development as a poet.

In honor of Shakespeare, I am attempting to parody his sonnets… as there are over 150 of them, this will take some time. Parody is a rather interesting art form, it must be both different, yet close enough to the original that it is recognized. In poetry, this means basically changing as few words as possible while changing the whole meaning. It is challenging, but it can be done. I have completed the first 4 of the set, and scheduled them.

I realize that 6 months of dreadful parodies maybe too much for my readers, so a part of me is thinking that perhaps I should just post one or two of these a week, perhaps on a specific day — the more I think about it, the more I like the idea, perhaps other writing could also be weekly [such as weekly haiku’s, or exploring a certain topic every week.] Readers, please share your opinion — what do you wish to read?

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2 comments on “New series

  1. LAR_Northman says:

    I don’t know if they will be dreadful. Personally I like variety, so two or three a week would be good, and if you can make theme that would an extra bonus.

  2. opoetoo says:

    Sounds great.

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