Space to breathe

The clouds hang low to the ground
Narrow streets and tall buildings
Soot from the winter burns the lungs
Is this suffocation or depression?

Life is at times about needs
Food, sleep air
Finding moments of safety
Finding space to love and to grow

Who can thrive in a small container
Growing until every wall is touched
Unable to grow beyond the space
Choking because there is no air

Perhaps it is time to remove some walls
Perhaps it is time to find new boundaries
Space to bloom
Enough so there is no starvation

Tomorrow looks the same as today
For now, there are dreams
Not yet counting days
Yet hope says there will be an end.

I was speaking with a friend about city life — and, hearing the emotional challenges of being in a crowd, away from friends and family without time to explore. Its not easy to make a city home, if your home is a place with grass, and trees, and sky. I remembered my time in cities, and how I felt like I would suffocate… and I also remember how I learned how to breathe again — unfortunately, I am not sure if strange cities will ever feel safe and hospitable.


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