predictions and planning

They speak of flooding
A lovely rain falls
The sound of thunder fills the morning
Nature gives life and death

The heart goes out to all who labor
Rain does not serve the harvest
The eyes see life in growing plants
Roots that will become so many winter meals

The time has come for celebration
Rain or no rain it is the same
Some curse the rain as it falls
Some dance, knowing all is as it should be

The heart rejoices for the rain
Hoping the news of flooding is premature
A world desiring to know immediately
These days, told what is expected before the facts

People always making plans
To go into another city,
To do business
To make a profit

The heart wishes all those who make plans well
The future goes on no matter who made plans
Tomorrow will come, no matter who welcomes daybreak
When the sun rises, the new day gives hope

Today is a day to greet those who make plans
A day for a man to rest from his own dreams
There are so many dreams a man can work for,
Some days, its best to work for another’s


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