Ministry debate

The world is so full of injustice
Governments and individuals
So many see hatred instead of love
Too many wrongs for one man to correct

Is life about righting every wrong
Must a just man fight all injustice?
Could God call us to a greater simplicity?
Finding an even higher cause?

Is salvation for today or only for eternity?
Is Christ Kingdom to come to Earth?
If so — how should His Kingdom come?
Should his will be done by governments, or hearts?

The eyes see a world polluted by sin
Souls stained black so than light cannot enter
Darkness within causes darkness without
Do we fight the darkness, or shine the light?

The heart is full of tears
The heart is full of hope!
We have hope of salvation
We are homesick for heaven

We pray the prayer Jesus taught us,
Your will be done on earth as in heaven…
Then we argue
How can I answer this prayer?

Could the very debate be wrong?
Perhaps we pray so than God can answer
No man can change another heart
God can kill the old man, and raise up a new one

We pray, we hope, we try, we wait
Success seems beyond our grasp
Faith does not leave us
Darkness cannot extinguish light

I have been discussing theology, and the role of ministers in the world with several people, partially randomly, partially because I was writing a paper calling for a system to make sure there was a system of accountability for ministers, partially because I preached a sermon that touched on how Jesus was punished for NOT lining up with one of the political parties of his day, and specifically because I spoke with two people in the ministry about their experience with politics. (One felt angry about government abuses to a minority population, the other deals with keeping the peace between parishioners of different political parties.) I have developed the opinion that politics are a dangerous game, parties use moral issues to gain power, not to be moral. Though injustice breaks the heart, calling out against it can fill up enough of life that it becomes an obstacle to ministry.

I have no doubt that many people’s concerns bring them into politics, and that they are honorable people. Unfortunately, politics can be a force that seduces people away from their concerns (or ministries). It is a difficult issue, my advice to those in the ministry: “Your concern is to prepare the people God puts under your charge to live in Heaven… and encourage them to take a little bit of heaven down here to earth”.


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