Money comes and money goes
Sometimes it seems that its not real
Markers to show the living the world owes me
When the world owes everyone, we settle for nothing

Priorities are seen in the budget
Seeing where it all goes
Resources turned into abstractions
Divided into neat categories

There is so much talk of God and faith
One wonders how we are devoted
Is money a duty of faith?
Can the pocketbook show priorities?

Date books and pocketbook
Our priorities are clear
Does any ignore the important?
Our time and money flow into such things

Perhaps the goal is not to give
Perhaps, it is to learn
Knowing what is important
Making a small action to prove to ourselves

The day comes to write the check
Marking which things come first

I just came home from a church business meeting, where, unfortunately we are facing the aftermath of 30 years of carelessness with money. There is, every once and a while talk about how tithing will fix our budget woes. There is similar talk… at the denomination, how something like tithing can fix their budget woes. While I am uncomfortable with setting up such arbitrary rules (giving should be between a person and God… no church has a right to lay claim to a portion of a paycheck that they name… this takes away things like accountability. If the church is careless with money, more giving leads to more waste.) I am quite certain that NOT giving is a symptom of misplaced priorities. My home church did not give to outside ministries, because they became focused on other things, our priorities were out of place. Today we gave serious consideration to this problem. We decided how much to give, when and where (Monday morning, after the gifts are counted… 10% of non-designated giving, check in mail). As an organization, we are showing that we have priorities outside our smaller group. God willing, this small step will bring healing.


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