Job hunting

They say that this is a poor economy
There are fewer and fewer opportunities
A person can be seeking and never finding
Some are giving up all hope

Truth is that hope is never lost
There is always work for those with hands
Hopelessness does not destroy tasks
Hopelessness at most leaves them undone

Undone work piles up!
All things decay over time
Eventually work catches up with desperation
People are forced to advance

Some have time to wait for tomorrow
Some have tasks enough already
Yet tasks are better finished without worry
Worry steals time and life!

The heart is becoming ready to face tomorrow
Today was a good day


One comment on “Job hunting

  1. Carolina Maine says:

    Hi, Michael,

    I think you should do a poetry collection based on the never-ending cycles of life as many of your poems fit this theme. Thanks for your comments!

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