The heart is becoming restless
waiting and learning is important
The desert is a place for growth
Yet life is lived outside the desert

The hearts call has never died
Prayer and waiting have not weakened anything
Place or no place — the heart wants to move forward
Sometimes there is a question where forward is

Reading and writing
Seems that this maybe where the places meet
The heart needs to know it touches people
Words on a page are effective, but abstract

Do those who need to hear still read?
There is a hope that those who need will here
A greater hope that words can clear the path of life
How can a man follow his path?

There is much that the heart dreams and hopes…
so much of it is somewhere else
Which dreams are divine?
Where will the path lead?

Seems there is no path of least resistance
Every path requires a great fight
Either compromising dreams and principles
Or perhaps surrendering to become nothing

The heart does not know about tomorrow
Today has enough for itself


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