Sometimes it seems that it is just another day,
Life continues as normal,
There is not so much family,
Patterns go as they always have

Do friends increase or decrease?
Do we increase or decrease
Time brings so many opportunities
Time also invites decay

So much work has been lost
Consumption increases to fill the world
One wonders why we survive to the next year —
Could it be because we love it here?

Birthdays come and birthdays go
Seems that the connections are as strong as life
The phone will ring again
The day will not be spent alone

In the mind there is much hope
Purpose might be elusive, but there is hope,
Maybe we just are!
Created for the sake of living

Birthdays come and go
We mark time as the seasons pass
Counting and rejoicing at our triumph
Hoping that next year will be even better

May there be many next years,
May the wonders of life continue forever

Today is my little brother’s birthday… Happy birthday Bob. Unfortunately, its Monday, so we will not be together — fortunately, Josh just moved to Hays — Wishing them well as both will have a birthday this month.


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