Questions about Truth

Is it possible for Truth to change?
Is it possible to know Truth?
Can verified facts point to a lie?
Has Truth ever shown himself?

The mind fills with the words of prophets
Those who it seems have a special relation to Truth
Speaking and writing God’s words as they hear it
The bulk of this testimony seems overwhelming

The mind fills with the advice of ancient authorities
Scholars who debated the very nature of revelation
Seems humanity is built to connect with God
Mystics fill every corner of the globe

What has always been accepted everywhere?
What are the limits?
Is Truth to be known, or understood?
Or, are we just curious children sharing stories?

The mind fills with questions
Pages fill with notes, not yet taking form
Reading continues
Unfortunately, writing does not yet produce answers

They say of the “making of books, there is no end
and much study wearies the body”

Still working on that free-lance project…. I like to think I’m moving forward, but at the moment I am only discovering that I do not know how to reduce the wisdom of militia down to a couple thousand words.


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