Sometimes it seems the word passes too quickly
Pain and grief can be a distraction
The body finds that sometimes the night is too short
The mind finds that some things are too challenging

The mind seeks to penetrate Truth
Seems that the challenge chosen is somewhat too great
The Challenge has been taken so many times before
A few words are allowed where books have been written

The day seems to have been wasted
A few false starts,
Several hours with the face in a book
Learning only that debate is the nature of theology

The heart seeks clarity
There is a desire to give useful words
Facts and Truth often correspond
Yet a clever mind can have facts point to a lie

This mind feels less than clever
Reading and writing are the same work!
It has been written: “There is nothing new under the Sun”
Today, Genius must be rediscovering the old

There are many days of reading remaining
Hopefully tomorrow will meet discovery


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