Faithful ministers

Seems that so many have noticed this voice
Having a sense that there is a need for ministry
There are more workers than positions
Scores excited about the future

The heart hears of the work that is done
People giving completely of themselves
Faith becomes the rule of life
A calling brings a person into ministry

So many people with gray hair
Those who’s life is ministry
Men and women who go and minister
Making holy Obedience a way of life

So many of the young
Person after person seeking after God
There is little desire for personal profit
The hearts are purely focused on God

Listening at times fills the heart
There are prayers for success
Moreover there are prayers for faithfulness,
Some prophets were called to fail in the world’s eyes

God does not call us to succeed
God does not call us to do great things
God calls us to be faithful
God calls us to put on His very Image

The heart dances as it worships with the faithful
Those who thirst after God in all things
Though the body grows weak, the spirit remains strong
God’s faithfulness is reflected in the believer’s heart

In all things God is faithful
Our faith is but His gift
Faith lives on, through all struggles
Somehow his grace sustains us

There is much to hope for
Though the world fights them, they remain
Man cannot defeat God
Our Father is faithful to His children

The heart if full of Joy and Hope
God is faithful, and has given us faith

More than anything else, Yearly meeting sessions are not business (much of that is done elsewhere) or the hearing of reports (those can be read after they are published), but it is fellowship with the faithful in Jesus Christ. Having this, we see there is much to hope for, MAYM is blessed to have many who are faithful and pure in heart — we have much to be optimistic about. Scripture reminds us: “even when we are faithless, Christ remains faithful — because He cannot deny Himself”


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