Morning, unscheduled worship

I anticipate the dawn
This is a time when the stars are visible
The morning-star still high in the sky
The first-light of day yet to be seen

Seems God loves the morning
The body is rested from all the former day’s stress
Clean from the ritual morning-cleansing
Ready and open to hear God’s word

The sky grows brighter
Pained magenta with indigo on the tips of the clouds
Strong corn, fresh cut wheat, and fallow hills extend to the horizon
The still small voice says: “My child, I have supplied your needs”

Listening turns into praying
Asking for guidance and direction
Tomorrow maybe too far to touch
Today we try to seize tomorrow

Kurie Eleison the heart cries!
Lord have mercy
I pray knowing that Christ is merciful
Knowing without his Grace, I am not strong enough

It is not yet breakfast and all is well
Christ has given more than enough Grace

No matter how tightly scheduled a Christian gathering is… there are moments that are worshipful and free. though the worship time be unscheduled, though the prayer be outside the program — such things could not even be banished from our faith and practice… Christians continue to worship together. Though, we need a time and place for meeting — there are those chance times… where we are somehow gathered by the Spirit. God is truly merciful.

The second morning that I spent at Yearly meeting, I became aware of this before breakfast. We are, largely people of faith, strong faith even. We pray, we trust, we have full hearts. It is true, our faith journey starts with where we are — but, we grow in worship, be it by design or by chance. This is another picture of Yearly meeting.


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