Valuable ministry given at MAYM YM sessions (report in poetry)

Sometimes we judge before God
We cannot see the Light through another’s eyes
Writing off the ones who never listen
Forgetting that Christ can reach those we cannot

So many live a pagan life
Worshiping the very rhythm that life brings
Busyness can become a pagan prayer
Success can become a Pagan priesthood

So many worship the practical culture
Growing in the eyes of their peers
Deaf to any who preach the Way to life
They blind themselves to the Light

The preacher may stop preaching
Human leaders may name those living in perdition
Christ came as a Light to the whole world
Though his servants are silent, the Light continues to shine

A man can live pagan and die Christian
Putting away the old hopes and dreams
Embracing Truth because he heard God speak from the silence
Renouncing all he knew himself to be

They say you become a new man
Repenting is rethinking everything
Putting away the old self
Learning what it means to be Christ’s image

Perhaps we must all die pagan
Then we are raised again as Christian

This was inspired by some useful and valuable ministry shared by a Friend’s minister at the 2009 Mid America Yearly meeting sessions. His ministry is always inspiring and challenging. I pray this ministry continues for a very long time. While this friend spoke publicly to us, he prefers that I respect his privacy on-line, otherwise I would give the Friend’s name.


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