Yearly meeting

A meeting of minds
A meeting of faith
Getting together to plan for the future
Gathering in order to express hope

There is always hope when making plans
Whether desperate or euphoric there is hope
A chance to guide and change
To seek and better follow the truth

Perhaps we are optimists
Sometimes a debate is just a debate
Somethings never seem to be solved
Sometimes there is not even the opportunity

The mind wonders what the future will hold
The heart feels hope and futility
Tomorrow must be a good day,
What good can come from tomorrow?


3 comments on “Yearly meeting

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  2. arielle81 says:

    Hello Michael,

    You know, you make a good point about how making plans is a way of expressing hope. I don’t think I’ve ever really looked at it that way. I think it will be a good thing to remember when I’m feeling down to change the focus and start making a plan for a better tomorrow.
    Hope really makes all the difference in the world sometimes.

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