5 comments on “Gardening haiku

  1. The time spent is definitely worth the harvest.

    • except that all my plants look dwarfed… and I’m getting from 20 plants what I should get from 5… yes, its all worth it.

      I started a compost pile… and I’ve been reading about raised beds and drip irrigation… Next year should be better… and easier.

  2. :-)
    nice one. i had the same with strawberries two weeks ago….

  3. yws.. surely. it is not so easy being a farmer. one need to learn and mistake. see his little children go astray and perish. but the reward is.. i have o words. just can say, that going out to pick your own salad is the best way to start a day..

    • :-) yup its not easy — and I’m no farmer, my dad was the gardener in the family, I guess I am learning the same lessons he was learning 30/40 years ago. I can be happy that the fruit looks GREAT.

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