Returning to yesterday

Who would want to return to yesterday?
Time always marches forward
There is no place for me yesterday
That time is already filled

The heart sometimes remembers the moments
An illusion of what no longer is
We invent our own memories
Filtering and reforging them to meet our needs

There is only the moment
Living in the past is living in a dream
The real details have been forgotten
The best and the worst exaggerated

Peter Pan is not to be envied
Childhood is so very painful
Tears tracking down a dirty face
Passions uncontrolled by experience

Tomorrow is as distant as yesterday
We waited yesterday for today
We are still waiting
As time passes, we will call tomorrow ‘today’

This is the best moment of life —
It must be for it is the only one


2 comments on “Returning to yesterday

  1. LAR_Northman says:

    WOW, very profound.

  2. Feanare says:

    I have a strange feeling I needed to be reminded of this just now. Thank you. Words are powerful tools and you know how to use them:)

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