Job hunting

This world is full of busy people
There is so much to do
The mind fills with so many tasks
Many are demanded but uncompensated

Busyness has a cost
Idleness has a cost
The first money, the second life
Is it possible that idleness pays better?

The mind moves on to the next days
So much do do before leaving!
Preparation to fill a role
Extra effort means extra expense

Time is filled no matter what happens
The phone rings no matter how full the day
Tomorrow there will be new tasks
There is no longer a day of rest

Now looking, praying and hoping
Something profitable to fill my time
Stepping away from the phone
People who want both time and money

Looking, things seem to come up a blank
And I fear I cannot afford any more busyness.


One comment on “Job hunting

  1. arielle81 says:

    Hello Michael,

    Hopefully you’ll be able to strike a nice balance between providing for your bank account and your spirit.

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