The feet begin to itch again
It is time to prepare a journey
Travel has almost become easy
Still the effort fills the day

So much time passes
The moments are impossible to predict
The mind wonders what should be removed from life
The mind wonders what should be added

So much of the mind is occupied by the cost of it all
Time and money dissolves
The journey is a profitless duty at times
At other times it seems the most important thing in the world

Today, the heart is wondering if it is profitless
There is a general tiredness
The body wants to claim its own land
Marking new boundaries, according to need

The journey is almost certain
Half the day spent, next half spoken for
Life follows a pattern
One can only hope to fit within it

The pattern of these days is one of travel
Everyone seems on a journey
Seems that there may no longer be a home to return to
Home has fallen to brigands while away

Today, the feet stay on the road
Tomorrow, the head looks for a place to rest


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