It is a belief in Christ
Faith beyond knowledge

Knowledge is not faith
Some believe in their knowledge
they are called Gnostic

Truly, I don’t know
God is too great to be known
agnostic, with faith

Sometimes, I think that we are falling into the danger of a neo-gnosticism. For those who do not know, Gnosticism was a faith in a correct knowledge, there were a lot of different kinds of gnostics, most of them were people who tried to mix the popular philosophy of the day called neo-Platonism with Christianity. The thing is, if your faith is in knowledge you feel the need to condemn everyone you disagree with. Over the years, our churches have split time and time again over the most esoteric of arguments. I often wonder if the church, Evangelicals especially, have not like the Gnostics of old replaced a faith in God with a faith in knowledge about God. I think that an agnostic who puts his faith in God, though he is unable to prove, or know, or understand… is more Christian than someone who puts his faith in some sort of esoteric knowledge.


One comment on “Christianity

  1. LAR_Northman says:

    “agnostic, with faith.” nice play on words.

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