Cause and effect? (a sonnet) An answer to “Headache”

Cause and effect, or effect and cause?
There seems to be a strong correlation
From that I make my theories and my laws
But measurement changes with perception
Lets consider yesterday’s aching head
Every one I met seemed to be stupid
I was cranky, I could only see red
The pain brought bias my judgment vapid
Could I be surrounded by idiots
Though they were clever enough yesterday?
The thought makes me feel like I was the putz
An off day for me, yes for Michael Jay
Sometimes things are different than what we see
The pain now is gone and I feel petty.

I wrote a little haiku while suffering a summer cold where I expressed the feelings that a person with an aching head often has. Now that I feel better, I am putting a little more effort into… feeling silly about it. Hope everyone can have a good laugh.


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