Pray for peace

When Johny goes marching
Pray for peace
When there is talk of war
Pray that there can be peace

So many people are traveling
So many soldiers going away
Home is becoming empty for families
Pray for peace

Peace must be the sane soldiers hope
To again be home with family
To not worry about the enemy
Instead to live a quieter life

Life is spent learning to care for others
To protect and to sacrifice
To give of self when another was suffering
Not the evil methods used in war

While Johny is away, pray for peace
That those evil methods become unnecessary
That there is safety because of the quiet
So that a good end can be reached through good means

There are so many who love Johny,
For God’s sake, pray he goes and finds peace.

A childhood friend of mine belongs to the local national guard. He is about to ship out to Cairo and be assigned to a base there. Currently, the area is peaceful and I pray for his sake the peace continues. Two years ago he was in Iraq, which needless to say was not exactly peaceful. (the not-quite civil war terrorism would have been going on whether US Soldiers were there or not, but I digress…) He is leaving his family behind again — in his heart, he hopes to do good, and as long as peace remains I trust he will find the opportunity. While my friend is in Egypt, I will have one more reason to pray for peace in the near-east.


One comment on “Pray for peace

  1. Angelique says:

    I will continue to pray for all US soldiers.

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