The mind is filled with wonder
There is much confusion
The passion for words fills the night
The whole self can be exhausted from the process

There are so many worries
Suddenly every comma seems to matter
When the words are for fun they flow,
When they are to be sold, it is work

Creative work is such stinky work
Insomnia from the concern
Perfecting a few lines placed above sleep
The day comes, and the garden is neglected

Deadlines must be a blessing
Hoping and praying that the words will be accepted
Knowing that the bar is so very high
An unknown such as myself is always ignored

Looking at the garden… seeing that grass has grown up…
The rows will be all that tougher to hoe as they were neglected
Dishes, put aside waiting to be washed…
The writer finds himself catching up now that the draft is finished…

Could it be that I am a fool?
Another dream would have been easier


5 comments on “Writing

  1. arielle81 says:

    Ahh, the joys of freelance writing. lol
    I have pulled those all nighter’s my self and can totally sympathize. In the end I think that we care more than those that read it but, then again that’s why we do it. :)
    I’m sure it was lovely.
    Now go get some sleep! :)

    • My submissions editor also covers a book line… I am hoping to get her to read a book-draft and take the possibility seriously… also, its a monthly, so I may get regular free-lance work… at the least, I need this to get more work.

      I’ve not been successful as a writer yet… I think I’ve spent more on submissions than I’ve been paid.

    • By the way — submitted. I am lucky that this submissions editor likes e-mails. Until very recently, I always paid postage — if I’m lucky this one will pay for some of that money I spent on my rejection letter collection.

  2. arielle81 says:


    Good luck!
    Yeah, rejection letters are no fun but, they are a part of the business.
    I used to send out submissions of a small children’s story I wrote but, I don’t have an agent so, that cuts back on your options for publishers. I should get one but, I don’t know which one to try for. Maybe soon though.
    Actually, I have done much better with small web publications that need writers. Mostly start ups. They usually do all their submissions and everything through the e-net. Ads, submission, e-mails, and payment through PayPal. Maybe , you could focus on companies that mostly use the e-nat. That way you can cut back on business expenses and pretty much any money you make is profit. :)
    Definetly go for repeat business.
    I make money at it. It’s nothing to get all excited about but, I do make money at writing.
    I hope you do really well. If you get a best seller I am prerequesting a signed copy. :)

    • I am not expecting a best seller this year :-) but, that would be nice eventually. Signing copies would be fun — I guess if it is a best seller, my publisher would have me visit bookstores all over the nation. Thanks for the good wishes.

      Good luck finding an agent — I have no idea where to look for such a person.

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