Creative Commons

Reading the license
Confused, always confused
Today it is “no derivative works”
Every work seems derivative

I read Woolman
I write an essay
I read Penn
Poetry forms

Ideas are organic
None are formed in a vacuum
They breed, and new forms are born
Yet the parents came from another source

This writer began to read another’s work
Seeing so many interesting thoughts
Expression clear and often beautiful
Unfamiliar metaphors opening themselves

Sharing ideas changes the mind
Once read, something cannot be unread
Every thought is derivative of the past
From now forward, another influence has come

No derivative works?
Perhaps I will stop reading
But, I will continue to write…

Perhaps, I will continue to read
Sanity tells me that I must be mistaken

Bomi introduced me to a new poetic blog called Utopian Fragments. Dhyan is rather impressive — I did notice though his copyright notice allows people to copy his work, but not to create derivative works… In my mind, that is a tough requirement, especially to enforce — I often make derivative works, as a tribute to the author… as this is forbidden, I will attempt not to. The very difficult thing is (as said in the poem) that once your mind has been changed by a new idea — future thoughts and works can be considered partially derivative… I did read the ‘legal code’, and determined that this strict interpretation was not intended… still, it will be difficult for me to be inspired… and forbid my hand to take up a pen.


3 comments on “Creative Commons

  1. hey michael, thank you for the mention, and to bring me here to meet your words. but more for making me think about this all. i have put up this common creative … when i started blogging, i just saw it in other places and decided to add it to mine too. until today i am not completly sure about its full use or effect and affect. i am thinking about it now. but have no time to make any new decision, surely will do soon.

    thank you


    • Personally I respect Intellectual Property… I generally rely on US Copyright law, and give specific permission. I agree that the wishes of the author should be respected, he should get credit (and, it would be nice if we could hope to profit from this work). “No Derivative works” seems a little stricter than fair use law though… as all creative work is, in the end derivative of all the influences found in life.

      Then again, My distinction is philosophical :-). I am counting influence, somehow. I will guess that the Creative Commons license only counts something as derivative if it goes beyond ‘fair use’… such as attempting to follow the same outline, or retelling the same story. Still, personally, I find the term unclear.

  2. michael, i have been thinking about that all day at work. the way i see it is i guess the same, or as near, as thw way you see it. i have found this ccl and choosed to use it, i guess i have not read it fully, or due to english lake i didn’t get the full meaning of it (might still not).
    as the philosophical line will go. i do not consider my work as mine since i am well aware that as better as it gets i have less to do with it. also, naturally i find my work in life and life’s situations, so..
    i have before and will in the future continue to find inspiration and ideas in other’s work and hopfuly i will not misuse it.
    until i can get a better hold of the all concept i will keep as it is for now, well aware, too, that anyone can still do what they want with it, it is interbet after all…but reallyi am honord more then anything else if any work i share here inspire anyone to anything (not including murder or rape, or stealing, or cheating, or so..)

    thank you again for bringing me to have a more serious look at it..

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