Anarchy of the Ranters

The man is still speaking,
Why must he fill the time?
True, there is a message hidden in there somewhere
One part signal for four parts noise

Three people could have spoken in this time
Each saying more than has been said
Silence enough between each message
Time enough to speak, and be heard before the next started

Borrowed jokes, stolen stories
Personal antidotes from another someone else’s life
The man has no message of his own to speak
It seems that God has not spoken

Do we live in the age of the Ranters?
Those who stand in the place of God —
Speaking in order to bring glory to themselves
Filling time so as to prevent any other mouthpiece from forming

So much noise without content
No prophetic message that speaks truth to the souls
Little teaching to bring useful knowledge
At best, a short apology for the philosophies of the world

They are creating a new popular faith
Truth proved democratically
If it is popular it must be right
Worldly success proves the call

The room is filled
Countless man hours wasted to hear one man talk
The time is set apart for the worship of God
Instead, a ranter stands in Gods place to receive

Anarchy of the ranters is an essay on Church Government… and how to set up a system that will avoid the danger of man standing in God’s place, putting his own words in God’s mouth. It addresses both the problem of a single voice… and of multiple voices without direction or discipline. Unfortunately, its been long out of print. This is painful considering that The Apology references the reader to this little essay. Without this Essay, the defense of Friend’s faith and practice is not complete.

Before anyone takes this personally — this is not a critique of a single person, but of a trend. I want to invite people to think about the direction Christianity seems to be taking.

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3 comments on “Anarchy of the Ranters

  1. bomi says:

    It really scares me sometimes when I witness what you’re referring to here. It’s heartbreaking to watch people steal God’s spotlight.

  2. LAR_Northman says:

    Even the Israelites called out for a king.
    Told Moses that HE should go back and talk to god.
    It seems that nobody wants the responsatably knowing god.
    So they are willing to trade knowing for following.
    Hoping to find a good leader through the wilderness.
    Taking safety in the crowd.

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