Entering faerieland

So many paintings!
The eyes almost begin to dance
The gallery is open to the public
A childlike expectation fills the room

The colors so bright against the wall
Memories of so many books
So often the drawings telling the story
One moves to another

What stories do these paintings tell?
To what place can we fly?
Will the worlds be small or large?
Whether Titans, or faeries, there is dancing

The eyes see so many jokes
A visual touch for the observant child
Who would do a handstand in a balloon?
What happens if the very little boy falls from the strawberry?

They say it is dangerous to enter the faerie’s circle
To dance with them as they celebrate the night
There are stories of men meeting and drinking with the others
Every Faerie tale goes a strange direction

It seems such a wonderful adventure
Joining in the playful mischief
Not knowing where it will lead
Only knowing that tomorrow, all will be different

They eyes may see so many paintings
The heart enters faerie land

My friend Saskia and I were talking about some of her newer pieces. Her work looks perfect for pages in a children’s book. Though I struggle to write the rhythm and feel of a children’s book (it takes effort for me to be silly and musical, and people such as Dr. Seuss set the bar very high) it would be a challenge I’d love to try sometime.

I am not so proud to think that the poem sells the book, not when I look at the color and humor in the paintings. I’ve not found the right poem to make a picture book yet, but I keep smiling as I see more pictures. Someday, if that children’s book is not written by someone else, I will accomplish it.


2 comments on “Entering faerieland

  1. talliepoelie says:

    I am smiling big!! I love the poem..

  2. arielle81 says:

    Hello Michael,

    I really liked that.
    Children stories and poems are really great writing actually. I have written some and my tip would be to try to remember the little things that made you happy when you less than three feet tall. :) Whimsy is the name of the game. The smells. The colors. The feelings and wishes and dreams. The things you wish you had never lost when you grew up. ( The great thing is that you get them back again when you make your story.)
    Whenever you do write it be sure to post an excerpt.

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