4 comments on “Falling in love

  1. Jamie Spencer says:

    Intertesting. Simple yet poignant. You might like my stuff…

    • It is quite possible that I “might like your stuff”. Your presentation is interesting, perhaps unique. I like the visual effect. I’ll have to read a bit more :-) Like you — I’ve been doing this for some time — and, I’m still learning.

  2. Jamie Spencer says:

    the visuals I picked up as part of an “April Poetry Challenge” hosted by another site. They called the genre “Ekphrastic Poetry”. In essence they encouraged the use of existing visual media to inspire poetic works. There is a link on my page if you want to investigate. I liked it, but the bulk of the images on my work were afterthoughts. Only the 3 or 4 pieces incorporated with the “Challenge” were as a result of the artwork itself. I still find the bulk of my inspirations in the day to day.

  3. bomi says:

    Hahaha! You’re such a comedian! :D

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