Ministry June 14, 2009

Spoke in Meeting today, was not sure if I wanted to, but I said a few words. Wish I could make a transcript, however as I spoke in silence I did not write out a message… I think I can cover the points though

Isaiah 6:8-13

I recalled the ministry given 2 weeks ago by Sammy Sanders (I believe it was Sammy), where he read 6:1-8, and I read the second part, observing that Isaiah was called to utterly fail, in the eyes of the world yet he was faithful, and clearly successful by God’s standards. I attempted to contrast the world’s standards of success to those of God, pointing at Jesus telling Pilate that his Kingdom was not of this world, pointing to Paul telling the Ephesians that the gospel is rejected as foolishness or offensive… and John telling us that God himself has to call a person, or else he cannot respond.

I contrasted the picture of 2 or three gathered in Christ name with the mega church movement. Questioned whether it is an honest call to be effective at marketing, and to re-package the gospel into a marketable package [amazing, but some books seem to be doing this]… and pointed out that it is an unfair blow to the identity of the faithful, if they are judged by the standards of worldly success… those standards that make most of the faithful as failures. I also mentioned The Prince, and how the desire for worldly success calls on us to compromise, to pretend to be one thing while really being ruthless, [the end justifies the means] Is it better to be effective, or to be faithful? Do we want to be faithful to God, or successful in the eyes of the world?

I do not know what was heard… speaking out of silence is much less formal than a pulpit-sermon, and the hope is that Christ will teach… I know that some are… led to prepare something meaningful and take it with them — I did not do this. (I always feel uncomfortable saying a few words when someone else is expected to preach… like it might be seen as competition).


3 comments on “Ministry June 14, 2009

  1. Angelique says:

    It’s never competition when God has led you to speak in the spur of the moment. There is nothing more nerve wracking then sitting in the pews arguing with God in your head about taking the chance on standing up and speaking out. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to follow when God leads you as well as faith, love and compassion. All 4 of which you possess in abundance.

    • I’ll take the kind words for what they are :). thank you. My fear is that I annoy the expected preacher, or… someone else. Our world is not trained to understand this tradition… and ministry out of silence does not always mix well with pulpit ministry.

  2. talliepoelie says:

    I agree with Angelique and want to add that I admire your surrendering.

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