Watching cartoons

Sometimes it is best to be a child again
The colors and the music enchant
Simple stories with a simple message
Everything works out in the end

Sometimes dancing is replaced by pain
The joy of the past is but a memory
In the end new joy is found
Tears always end in dancing

How can an adult forget what a child knows?
Pain and joy both come
When one world ends another one comes
Even old dreams can be realized

Sometimes others give form to dreams
Seeing elements that are not there
A formula, missing the essence
Finding the real dream brings dancing

The mind boggles while revisiting this past
Philosophy has been put aside as a childish thing


3 comments on “Watching cartoons

  1. Carolina Maine says:

    I really like the ending-sometimes that is the best way to release stress–be childlike:)

  2. talliepoelie says:

    Finding Nemo must have something to do with it ;-)

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