Needing a short break
To see what is around me
The road leads somewhere

Have you noticed, sometimes life, duties, and everything seem to get a little crazy. There is nothing but minutia, and people looking for something new to do not knowing why. These are the days when it seems important to put the book away and see what people are writing about. Just ended a productive period of insomnia and writing (not poetry… we will see if it was successful), now it is time to go somewhere else.

Will be at Northridge Friends (Traditional Friends worship) at 8:15 AM — and visit friends later.


2 comments on “Walkabout

  1. talliepoelie says:

    Good idea to change perspective, who know’s what kinds of beautifull you will see, or beautifull kindness you will meet..wish you a nice time

    • It was better than I dreamed, I was as happy as Tallie is when it is time to play. I enjoyed meeting, I enjoyed eating with my friends — and it seemed every moment, I saw something and said ‘my favorite’ Life flowed, not because I made plans, but because I followed joy.

      Thank you.

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