Words and ideas

Words are so powerful
The existence of a sound brings peace or war
The absence brings desperation
A few strokes of a pen are life and death

How can a poet take the words lightly?
How can anyone take them lightly?
There is so much need to study and understand
Sometimes meaning is deliberately hidden

Passion springs up concerning words
Sometimes words are pure worship!
The heart dances choosing words that are not quite enough
Reality is sometimes more perfect than the ideal

Words are chosen with care
Words are chosen with deep love and respect
The ideal is clearly painted
The real accepts the shadow that is called ideal with a smile

Seems that words may be the monument of humanity that survives
Nations and cities fall
Monuments and buildings rot away
Yet we read words written back when writing was new

Will new words ever replace the old ones?
Will the words we debate even survive?
Perhaps the nature of the world has changed
Or, perhaps, both can live side by side

History has been opened to us
To live and debate, and learn from the greatest minds
Plato, Einstein, and Augustine sit in the same room
Every master invites me to sit at their table

The writer sits and thinks,
How can I write the words that launch a thousand ships?
How do I write words that will change the world?
If I could bring revolution, would I want to?

The heart and mind dance with possibilities
Studying and enjoying the power of words


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