Tough row to hoe

The sun is straight overhead
Sweat mixes with the dust
A cake of mud covers the hands
Streams of mud flow down the face

Every row is tough to hoe
Afternoon makes all work more difficult
The sun gives life and warmth
Yet, there are times when it is too much

The body aches for thirst
Time passes, it is clear it is time for a break
There must be a reason for the siesta
A moment to relax and think

Books and words call
A reward for completed work
The first fruit of the season touches the lips
Not yet harvest, but a taste of yesterday’s pay

Time passes, and the mind sees all the work that will come
There is always more work to be done
Every project seems to be its own puzzle
Every tool used has a possibility of failure

Rest and work come together as cycles
Sowing and harvest come as cycles
Sometimes you reap weeds, other times grain
There is always work, though not always productive

The cool of the shade allows the body new strength
A bit of water refreshes the whole self
A few clear thoughts… tasks dancing in the mind
Could it be, a productive day?

The lips smile,
the hands prepare for the next task.


One comment on “Tough row to hoe

  1. LAR_Northman says:

    Hmm… Pulling weeds = reaping weeds.
    Never thought of it like that.

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