A modern Jonah

Where is the modern Jonah?
Hearing a message from the Lord
Called to bring salvation to the gates of hell
One wonders where to find these gates!

The old story rings in the ears
How Jonah wished to run away
The whale bringing him to his call
The hounds of heaven not leaving the prophet in peace

Seems the story is so strange
Success brings nothing but pain
Prejudice wants to see death and destruction
Forgiveness is mourned

Comfort placed above human life
In truth, human life despised
A human preacher afraid of forgiveness
Hatred placing those sinners in heaven before him

It seems God is merciful
The hounds of heaven continue to seek Jonah
Even the prophet can receive salvation
Gods mercy is more than enough

The first Jonah has learned
Will today’s Jonah hear the gospel he preaches?


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